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IBM Campus Ambassador

The IBM Campus Ambassador program is a voluntary program designed to have a liaison between IBM & Academia to strengthen the collaboration and evangelize cutting edge technologies. Students highly motivated in learning gen-next technologies and network with IBM Experts are invited to participate. Though the program is voluntary, it gives students a chance to learn more about industry relevant technologies, know how technologies are evolving and network with IBM Experts. All of these will surely broaden your horizon.


Duties of Campus Ambassadors

Campus ambassadors who are selected need to perform the following activities during their period:

How will student benefit from this?

Campus Ambassadors' 2012-13

  1. Hansraj Munka
  2. Anjali
  3. Adhiyaman

Campus Ambassadors' 2011-12

  1. Amit Kumar Agarwal
  2. Anuja Verma
  3. Ashutosh Kumar Gupta

Campus Ambassadors' 2010-11

  1. Nitish Goyanka
  2. Shantanu Baruah
  3. Rajni Mazoom